Monday, February 14, 2011

Harold E. Larsen Lithograph

Hubby and I have had a picture frame with a Casablanca poster hanging in our bedroom for about 20 years.  We found the picture frame when I worked in the apartment industry and it was empty - just the frame and a white backing.  Last week we were in Target and they had a nice wood poster frame on clearance ($6 and was originally $30), so we thought it was time to upgrade the Casablanca poster.  We took the old frame apart and was ready to put the poster in the new frame when hubby mentioned that the white backing paper on the old frame was really thick.  He turned it over to discover it was lithograph with a beautful southwest landscape scene on the other side.  On the picture it has "Presden Gallery, Harold E. Larsen, Sante Fe, New Mexico".  We decided to put Casablanca back in the original frame and the lithograph in the new frame.  It will look really nice hanging in the guest room. 

We hear about people finding cool stuff like that, but it has never happened to us.  Now, I just need to see what I can find out about Harold E. Larsen.


  1. Cool! How exciting to find a treasure, especially one that's been hiding in plain sight for so many years!

  2. Wow! That was a nice experience to have.