Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Snack Distracts Burglar"

Stupid criminal stories always amuse me and here is one from our community newspaper today.  The headline was "Snack Distracts Burglar" 

Apparently a young man, we'll just call him JV, broke in to the City National Bank in Taylor at about 3am on Monday morning.   When the police arrived on the scene, JV had apparently never made it past the first teller booth.  When walking past the booth, he got distracted by a bowl of M&Ms and was still there eating them when the police arrived and arrested him.  He is being charged with a third degree felony burglary of a building along with a class b misdemeanor for the small amount of marijuana in his possession.  I can just hear the jailhouse banter now... "So what are you in for man?"  "Oh, I broke in to a bank and stole some M&Ms.  I couldn't help myself; just as I got inside, I started getting the munchies from the marijuana I smoked." 


  1. Attention Deficit maybe? Not making fun of people with that, I am serious maybe the guy can't focus. Needs new line of "work" apparently.