Monday, December 6, 2010

Cool River

Our boss is taking the team out for our holiday lunch next week.  The team decided on Cool River as the place to go this year.  We pick the place partly because it is our bosses favorite place (and he is paying), but also because it is a nice place to do our gift exchange and has a quieter atmosphere than where we went last year.  Two weeks ago when I made the reservation, I sent out a calendar reminder to everyone so they would block that time on their calendar.  That same day my boss came over really excited that the team chose Cool River as the place for the lunch.  Last week, he came over and said he really wished that our lunch was that day, because he was super excited about going to the restaurant.  Today he pops over all excited and said "Only 8 more days until we go to Cool River."  He is so excited about our lunch he can barely contain himself.