Saturday, December 11, 2010


This is Abbie; she is the oldest of my three monsters.  She is in hubby's recliner snuggled in the blanket that is off limits.  It is a down filled throw that we use in the winter when it gets a little chilly and she loves it.  We don't let the dogs get on it because it is hard to clean their dog hair out of it.  I had gone to the back to get ready for work and came out to find her snuggled up and completely unaware that I had returned to the room.


  1. it's soo cute to see their facial expression when they got busted doing something they shouldn't do. lol.. Chokie and my furry heroes had their moments too.. soo many of em' that i'm having a hard time trying to recall.

  2. I love the theme of your blog - don't worry be happy!