Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Package Mix Up

This year I got all of my Christmas cards out in plenty of time; I got all of my packages mailed on Monday of this week so they would have plenty of time to reach their destination, and I wrapped all of the gifts that were staying here and put them under the tree. I was so proud of myself to have gotten all of this done with a week to spare. Then last night when I went to turn on the lights to the tree, I noticed a package that didn't look right. It was a package for my nephew in California. Why is his package still here? I put that in the mail on Monday along with the package to my parents and one to a friend in New York. Then I realized that the package to Buddy, my sister in laws dog, was missing. Oh no! Surely I didn't mix up up those two packages and send my nephew a package of dog treats? So, I quickly picked up the phone to call my brother figuring I would leave a message (he never answers the phone). He was actually there and as soon as I began to explain what I thought had happened, my brother started to laugh. He had already gotten the package. You see, they call my nephew Bubby and thought that I had just spelled it wrong. Then he began to get curious about the shape and feel of the package so he opened it..... and found dog treats. We both had a big laugh at my goof and today I am heading to the post office to mail the correct gift to my nephew. I also need to prep another package of goodies for Buddy whose original gift is now being enjoyed by Roxy and Jasmine in sunny California.

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  1. Oh no......but how funny! That's a story to pass down through the ages. BTW Thank you very much-the kids got their package yesterday, but won't open it til Christmas!