Thursday, January 1, 2009

Resolutions for the New Year

Every year we make resolutions for ourselves that are thrown out the window in just a few shorts weeks or months. Well, this year hubby and I decided to do it slightly different. He gave a resolution to me, I gave one to him, and we made one together as a couple.

His resolution for me: Lose 50 pounds this year.
My resolution for him: Have a more optimistic approach to things.
Our resolution together: Get out of the house and do more; get out of our comfort zone.

2008 was not a great year for us. Even our last meal of the year had a bit of a downside - I got a bonus hair in my steak dinner. We are looking forward to the great things that 2009 will be sending our way.

Happy New Year everyone. Hope your 2009 brings you all the great things you deserve.

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