Saturday, January 24, 2009


We have new neighbors that live above us and they are the worst neighbors we have ever had. They are young kids who don't appear to have ever lived in an apartment before. When they walk it sounds like they are stomping. I can't fault them for that because these apartments are not very sound proofed. Since they all have hardwood floors the noise travels even more. My issue with them is their smoking and drinking. My yard has become their ash tray. Every day I pick up between 5 and 10 cigarette butts from my yard that they have just tossed over their balcony and in to my yard. When they have friends over they like to go outside to drink and then they throw their beer bottles on the ground. It makes the area around our apartment look terrible.

Today when we went outside, it was just too much and we had to file a complaint with the management office. There was the usual array of cigarette butts but this time there was also a broken beer bottle in my yard. Thankfully we saw it before one of the dogs cut their feet on the pieces of glass. Hopefully they won't get worse now that we have complained.


  1. Thank heaven's you'll be moving soon. I hope the neighbors at your new home will be nice.

  2. Yeah, I bet you can't wait to move and get away from those totally rude, if not downright obnoxious people above you.

    Yuck! Some people.

    Oh, and I so hope you will be able to join us for the songs and such on May 10th. It it right on your birthday?