Monday, December 15, 2008

Where's Your Jacket?

Yesterday I was wearing shorts and sweating as I took the dog for a walk. Currently, it is below freezing (30.6) and windy. On the way home today, the temp was about 35 degrees and I saw a person walking down the sidewalk wearing flip-flops, shorts, and wrapped in a fleece blanket. They were too well groomed to be homeless, so I concluded that they either didn't own a jacket or were not prepared for the temperature to make such a drastic change so quickly. Either way, they were getting a lot of stares from the cars passing by.


  1. xoxo.

    I'll be back tomorrow.

    Crazy-busy. Ho. Ho. Ho.

  2. Maybe they were locked out of their house and stole a blanket from a clothesline in passing?

    Or maybe it was an angel?