Monday, December 8, 2008

New Office

My team and I moved in to our new office location today. It felt very odd going to a new building to work. I had been going to the same building for almost 9 years. We are doing the same thing, just in a new location. The old office was very noisy and always filled with chaos. The new office is very quiet and no interruptions. We had our typical first day challenges; computers not working, no fax machine, no printers, etc. We will get settled in and all will be running smoothly in no time, but I definitely have to get a radio to add a little noise in the background.


  1. Cool. Is it much further, or closer than your old place?

    Is it feng-shui?

  2. It is literally across the street from the old office and is not yet feng-shui. Needs some work.