Friday, December 5, 2008

Photo Phriday

What a difference 6 months can make! My sweet little Riley was only 6 pounds when we brought her home. Six months later she is over 6 times that weight. Yep, she is weighing in now at a whopping 37 pounds. Unfortunately, she has not learned that she is getting bigger. She still wants to be held and snuggled at night while she watches television. I guess that could possibly be my fault.... nah, that couldn't possibly be the reason.


  1. She is still as cute, tho.

    She will get up to what, 60 lbs maybe? Ours are about 15 and 18 lbs respectively - appetizers for Riley.

    I love your hardwood floors. Are they old or new?

  2. Hardwoods are about a year old.