Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Home Ownership

Sometimes the tests that come with home ownership can make you want to become a renter again.  This past Friday, hubby and I came home about 5pm to find our air conditioner had gone out.  In fact, it had completely frozen up.  Being that it is 5pm and on a Friday, getting someone out was a little tricky.  We do have a home warranty, but they couldn't get anyone out until maybe Sunday.  We have a company that did our annual maintenance on the a/c just 2 weeks before, so I called them.  They were able to come out on Saturday and we discovered our blower motor was dead.    It was finally replaced on Monday, but it was a really long weekend with no a/c.  The highest it got in the house was 90 and we were able to muscle through by opening windows and using lots of fans.  But when things like that happen, I sometimes miss being able to pick up the phone and have the landlord deal with the issue. 

Then I think about my garden and the great neighbors I have and I am glad I have my house.  Pros and cons, I suppose.

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