Saturday, May 11, 2013

Chigger Bites Suck

Hubby and I were geocaching Thursday and apparently picked up the lively creatures then.  We had no idea at the  time, but Friday morning I woke up with tons of bug bites, most of them in a private area.  A little bit later, hubby woke up and realized he had them too, but mostly on his legs.   We each have about 50 bites.  It took us a trip to the doctor and lots of Internet research to figure out what we had. 

We searched high and low for the best remedy and opted fur Chiggerid.  We found this does not work well for guys with hairy legs.  For me, it felt good initially, but the itching came back really quick.  Plus, that crap is hard to get off of you.  So far, we found that hot showers, rubbing alcohol, and Benadryl work the best.

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