Monday, March 18, 2013

Ritz Munchables Buttery Thins

Ritz made a cracker that we discovered last year called Munchables Buttery Thins. These were small (about the size of a quarter) and had a buttery flavor. They were great with soups or to just for a quick snack. I bought my last box in November and now that we are running low, we haven't been able to find them again. 

I finally reached out to Nabisco to see how I could find them. They wrote back today to tell me that this item had been discontinued due to lack of popularity. I can't believe they weren't popular. 

Nabisco, what do we have to do in order to get these crackers back?


  1. I loved these little crackers, too, and hate it that they've been discontinued. I make Chex Mix, and they're so good in that, also in soups or chili, and they're small so there's no "double dipping"!

  2. I loved these crackers too! I have been looking all over for them! They were perfect for my kids, a great size for 2 and 4 yr. old hands and they did not crumble all over like the regular size does! Bummer!!

  3. I loved these and the Ritz Bitz which were almost the same! Those were also discontinued! Only the soup lovers understand how wonderful these taste! You can get a good crunch if you eat them right after they hit the soup or wait a little for the melt to begin... So sad they are gone! I never use the regular Ritz in soup! Too bad for Ritz!!

  4. I am so pissed that these are no longer available! I used them all the time in soups. I hate saltine crackers, so I was thrilled when I saw these on my shelves.
    Maybe if the company would, oh I don't know, PROMOTE/ADVERTISE them they would sell better!!!

  5. These ARE THE BEST CRACKER EVER!!! Where are they :(