Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Yikes! I can't believe it has been a week since I blogged. Work has been making me very stressed. Work that I had been under the impression was getting done, wasn't happening; therefore, making my workload crazy right now (the joys of being the boss). School just started and I found out that I either misunderstood or was given bad information about how my masters program and the certification I am trying to obtain will work together. This has caused me to miss out on having completed several courses already. Then just to complicate things, I found out that I have a "raging infection" in one of my teeth. My jaw has been swollen like someone punched me in the face and the pain has been unbelievable. According to the new dentist (my old one retired without notice), apparently this has been building for several months even though I had been telling the old dentist something wasn't right with those fillings. The new dentist gave me some antibiotics and pain meds, so that is getting much better.

But, on a positive note..... TransSiberian Orchestra tickets go on sale tomorrow. I already have it marked on my calendar and have marked myself as being in a meeting for a hour while I purchase tickets. I am so excited that they will be coming to Austin again this year.

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  1. Oh no...first off, I hope your teeth get fixed soon, not much is as bad as tooth pain! Then Boo Hiss about the school mix up. How frustrating...but you'll get there. As for with their heads!!! I hope your meeting went well and you got great tickets.