Sunday, March 28, 2010

Use Egg Yolk for a Toothache

I had a couple of fillings done last Tuesday and by Friday they still hadn't stopped hurting. I tend to have a high tolerance for pain as long as the pain is below the shoulders. Anything above the shoulders and I become a big baby. I know the filling were large and the teeth are next to each other, but they were still sensitive to hot, cold, air, pretty much anything made the pain go from a dull ache to sharp stabbing pain. I finally called the dentist and he told me that what I was feeling is normal and that as soon as the filling oxidized the pain would stop. He did however, give me a tip on how to speed up the oxidation on the fillings (I got the regular amalgam fillings). He told me to take an egg and cook it sunny side up (make sure the yolk is still runny but thick), then break the yolk and rub it on the fillings with a cutip. On Saturday night I decided to give it a try and it actually worked! Instantly after putting the egg yolk on the fillings the pain stopped.

I thought the dentist was totally crazy, but it really worked. Now I need to try the Gin and Raisin technique for my arthritis.

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