Wednesday, March 3, 2010

School Project

My class this semester, Human Performance Technology, is really one big team project. Only 40% of the grade is based on our own effort (10% for some papers and 30% for the final). The remainder of the grade is based on a team project and we all get the same grade regardless of the effort put in. Our team consists of 5 people (including myself) and we are struggling. One guy really isn't interested in the class. He is a full time student and has stated this is his last class and he hates the instructor. We heard more than once how he would not be in this class if he had any other choice (hooray for us). We know he isn't going to offer too much to the project, so really there is just 4 of us doing the work. The rest of us work full time and are all leaders at our profession, but no one has emerged as a leader of the team. We have been discussing for almost a week now about setting up a meeting, but no final decisions have been made. This morning, I finally just stepped up and said let's meet at this time, this location, and here is our agenda. I really didn't want to be the leader of the team, but I would rather take on that role than let our project fail.

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  1. Ugh. That's why I always hated group projects. Good for you for stepping up-it needed to be done.