Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Missing Ear Plugs

My hubby has a pair of ear plugs that have gone missing. They are not just any ear plugs, they were custom molded to the shape of his ear canal so they would be more comfortable, and are reasonably expensive. He has had them for 2 years and wears them every single day. He is extremely careful where he puts them, but yesterday they came up missing. We have looked literally everywhere imaginable and some places where they could not have possibly ended up. We have come to the conclusion that Riley, the lab, must have eaten them. She has never shown an interest in them before, but that is our only explanation left.

So, I have been doing the Marley routine for a couple of days and hosing down her poop. So far, no ear plugs. Hubby says if I find them in her poop, he absolutely will NOT put them back in his ears.

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