Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lucky Dog Chicago Style Dogs

There used to be a place in Northwest Austin called Lucky Dog. They sold Chicago style hot dogs and were fantastic. When we moved to our house, we were excited because there was going to be a Lucky Dog near us again. Unfortunately, when we drove by, there were not there. Then out of the blue I spotted the Lucky Dog sign in a strip center as I was out running errands one day. A couple of weeks ago, we decided to stop in there for lunch. Our mouths were watering just thinking about those Chicago style dogs. When our food finally arrived, neither of us were terribly excited, but we didn't say anything. Finally, I spoke up and said, these aren't as good as I remember them. Hubby agreed and we both continued to eat our lunch in disappointment. We both looked at the menu at about the same time and noticed that it didn't say "Lucky Dog"; instead, it said "Lucky's Dogs". Was this a case of our eyes seeing one thing and our stomach translating it to another? When we left, we look at the sign outside and it clearly said "Lucky Dog" and not "Lucky's Dogs". We were both feeling a bit duped. Come to find out, there is no more Luck Dog Chicago Style Dogs. They went out of business. Very sad for us because they had the best hot dogs around.

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  1. That stinks! Especially when your hopes were so high.