Tuesday, November 20, 2012

OJ Simpson - Is He Innocent?

There is one sure way to get a debate going in our house; simply say "OJ is innocent."  Hubby and I are on opposite sides of this debate.  I have always believed that OJ either committed the crime or hired someone to do it for him.  Well, news came out today that OJ may be innocent.  The story from the guy claiming to have committed the murders, Glen Rogers, seems plausible; but I am still suspicious of him speaking out now.  He has apparently claimed responsibility for other crimes in order to get moved to another facility or to get off of death row, so it makes me wonder if this is just another one of those incidents.  There are lots of news stories today about this guy and it is really hard to sift through what is valid and what is sensationalized.

Regardless if Rogers did commit the murders or not, I find the timing of his documentary to be terrible for the families of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson.  The documentary is scheduled to air the day before Thanksgiving and could cause these families to relive this painful ordeal all over again.

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