Saturday, September 1, 2012

He Will Be Missed

I found out yesterday that a neighbor and fellow community volunteer that hubby and I had gotten to know had passed away unexpectedly a couple of weeks ago.  He was fairly young, only 59.  We were at City Hall paying our utility bill and bumped in to his girl friend who shared the news.  She was understandably having a hard time, so all I know is that it was very unexpected.  I find my thoughts drifting to his girls.  He was a single dad (not sure of his family situation, he didn't really speak about it) of two girls that are in their early teens.  He passed away just a couple of weeks before school would have started for them and they were very close.  I can only imagine how devastated they must be.  I know the road ahead will be tough for his girls, his parent, and his siblings, so I hope they can find a way to be at peace with what has happened and move forward. 

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