Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pennsylvania Boy Urinates on Computers

The DJ's on the radio this morning were talking about a news story out of Pennsylvania where an 11 year old boy urinated on a cart full of school computers causing $36,000 worth of damage.  On the radio, everyone seemed to be focused on the fact that the computers were left on an unattended cart.  My question is why would the kid do something like that?  Was he ticked off at the school or teachers for some reason?  He is clearly at an age where he knows better, so what made him think that urinating on a cart full on MacBooks was a good idea?  And how come no one saw him?

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  1. You can never tell the mind of a young delinquent. I was a hellian and sometimes you do it just for the adrenaline rush. And let's be honest things have been happening in the hallways of schools forever and obviously someone saw something because how did he get caught?