Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years

How did you spend your first day of 2012?  My first day of 2012 was a spill over from the last day of 2011.  About 10:30pm last night I stepped out of my neighbors house to go check on my dogs and when I opened her door, there was the cutest litte black daschund at her door step.  It was scared from all of the fireworks going on in the area.  We spent the next hour looking for its owner and trying to decide what to do.  We decided she would keep it over night and we would decide what to do today. We put a sign in her yard saying we found the dog and then ushered in the new year while working on a jigsaw puzzle.  By 2pm today, the owner still had not called, so we ended up taking the dog to a local animal shelter.  After that, hubby and I put out our first cache and decided to call it a day.

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