Friday, December 23, 2011

TSO & Serrano's

The TranSiberian Orchestra concert was on Wednesday and was fantastic as usual.  Hubby went with me this year and it was great to share the concert with someone who enjoys their music as much as I do.  Unfortunately, our dinner before the concert was not as great.  We went to Serrano's and it was the worst Mexican food ever.  The food was greasy and bland.  I had grilled fish tacos and the corn tortilla as deep fried and was so full of grease it was nasty.  Besides, what is the point of grilling the fish if you are going to deep fry the tortilla?  Hubby has brisket guisada tacos and the dipping sauce was supposed to be the best ever.  Unfortunately, it had no flavor and was so hot that it killed your taste buds.  Needless to say, we won't be eating there before the concert next year.

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  1. Too bad that your preliminary outing was a bust, but glad you were both able to enjoy the show!