Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bastrop Fires

The big news in our area this week has been the fires all around Central Texas and specifically the one in Bastrop.   The residents were evacuated from their homes on 9/4 and still have not yet been allowed back.  As of today, the fire was only 50% contained.  I know of 2 employees at the company where I work that have been impacted, but we are not sure if there have been others.   At the last I heard, there were 1386 homes lost and 38,000 acres burned.  Hopefully the firefighters are able to get the fire contained enough that the families can go back and see what is left.   I commend the firefighters who have been working non-stop.  Some people don't think about how hard or dangerous a firefighters job can be until something like this happens.

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