Thursday, March 31, 2011

HP Netbook

Yesterday, hubby and I went by Best Buy to check out computers.  As much as I don't want to do so, my laptop is going to need to be replaced (it was purchased in either 2003 or 2004, I believe).  As far as computers are concerned, my laptop is ancient.  I have decided I am going to replace my laptop with a desktop, but have always really wanted a netbook.  That is something I could easily take with me where ever and now as I begin working on my thesis stuff, it would be even more handy.  After we finished looking at the desktop computers, we looked at the netbooks.  I like the HP netbook better than the others.  As we were looking at them, hubby said "do you want one now?"  I was a little speechless at first, then  I finally said, yes I would really like to have one.  He bought me one that has a rose colored casing (it was $70 cheaper than the blue - go figure) and then he ordered me some accessories directly from HP.  One of the accessories he ordered is an external CD reader so, when that comes in he can install my office 2010 and it will have almost everything that my big laptop has.  I am so excited.  This is an early birthday gift, or part of it actually.  He already purchased my other part too which is to go see Celtic Women in concert.  They will be in town 4 days after my birthday.

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  1. Whoo hoo. Congratulations. Transferring stuff to a new computer is always daunting-but it's exciting to have a new one!