Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Tomato Plant That Refuses to Die

During the summer I had a beautiful tomato plant that produced a lot of really tasty tomatoes. After it stopped producing fruit, I decided to stop watering it and let it die. I set it to the side of the porch for several weeks and watched it slowly dry up. Just about the time I was going to pull the plant out of the pot to discard it, I noticed some green spots on the plant. I was a little shocked because I had not given this plant water for weeks and it had been really hot during that time. A few days went by and I noticed more green spots, so I pointed it out to hubby. His response was "sometimes I toss the left over dogs water in that pot". Seriously? This plant came back to life with a little bit of left over dogs water? Trust me when I say little bits; my dogs rarely leave any water in the bowl.

After that I decided that if it could survive the hot Texas sun on small amount of left over dogs water from time to time, then perhaps it deserved to live after all. About that time, we started getting some rain so I still never watered the poor thing. After a few more weeks of surviving on left over dogs water and now a little rain, I noticed the plant was putting out blooms. Low and behold, over this past weekend, this little plant now has a small tomato. I cannot believe this poor neglected plant is actually producing more fruit. Clearly this plant is meant to live. Now I will have to start giving it more attention.

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