Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Fun in the Yard

This afternoon was really productive. I can home and finished planting the rest of the ground cover around the trees and in the small flower bed. Now I have Irish Moss, Liriope, and Fiery Dianthus as the ground cover. Thanks to Katreader who helped me to identify my flowers as Daylily. We are almost done with the front yard. We just need to put down the edging, put dillo dirt in all of the beds, and put down the red rubber mulch.

After finishing the planting, we went to the back yard and checked on my sweet peppers and cayenne peppers. The cayenne are not doing very well, but the sweet peppers are coming up nicely. After that we enjoy a game of fetch and chase with the dogs. Everyone is worn out and we are working on making a quick supper so we can kick back and watch American Idol.

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