Tuesday, April 14, 2009


These flowers are in my front flower bed and I am not sure what they are; marigolds perhaps? They have a really pretty yellow flower and the blooms only last a day or two. Since we didn't put them in, I drove around our neighborhood to see how many other houses had flowers like these and no one has them. That actually makes me a little happy because I really don't like it when all of the houses look the same; unfortunately, I can't ask anyone what they are.
Do one of you know what kind of flower this is?


  1. Definitely NOT marigolds. Marigolds are like little pompoms. I think you have a type of lily. I think it's a daylily, not an asiatic. I'll e-mail you some pics of mine from last year. It's way to early for them to bloom here-I get them in July, although they're sprouting now. Very pretty. They are hardy and come back again and again! I love them.

  2. Mom says it is indeed a daylily! Congrats, they are great perennials to have!