Tuesday, February 17, 2009

UFO in Stephenville

Stephenville has made the Popular Mechanics magazine because of their UFO sitings. First, I have to say that I do believe there are other beings in the universe. However, I don't believe they are seeing them in Stephenville. Having grown up in that town, I believe they are seeing some kind of airplane or meteor that is creating the lights. I do get a kick out of all of the attention this has received because it has put the sleepy little town in the spotlight, I just wish they were getting attention for something else. Why not get attention because it has a great school, Tarleton State University, in the town? How about getting attention because Ty Murray and Jewel live there? I can think of a number of things I would rather hear on the news than they have had yet another UFO siting.


  1. Well, since I haven't watched the news in some months this UFO story is complete news to me. I'm gonna Google it!

    And news that Jewel lives there. Have I been living under a rock? No, just in a nice little coccoon.

    How many students at Tarleton?

  2. We had a UFO crash in Cape Girardeau, MO years before the Roswell incident. I think it was in the 40's. Pretty convincing story that goes along with it.

    It's pretty strange when the officials can't identify what has fallen out of the sky. It reminds me of the movie Donnie Darko.