Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yappy Hour

Yesterday I took the dogs to a Yappy Hour after work. They hold them at the dog park periodically here at the property where we live. I had brought Abbie before, but this was Riley's first Yappy Hour experience. I was able to last about 45 minutes and then had to bring them home. First off, there is no shade at the dog park, so it was pretty hot. After being there only 10-15 minutes both dogs had their tongues wagging, but would not go get a drink out of the community water bowl. Shortly after that, Abbie bumped in to a dog named Huxley that she had previously met at the park. Huxley is a large Irish Setter and held Abbie down with paw the first time they met. She didn't like it then and apparently remembered Huxley. She would not let him get within 5 feet of her. Every time he even looked like he was going to come her way she attacked him. He instantly put her in a bad mood, so she was ready to come home. Riley on the other hand was having a blast. She found two dogs she enjoyed playing with - Diego and Duke. Duke is a Great Dane and stands about 4 feet tall from the groundto the top of his back. He is an absolute teddy bear. Diego was a chihuahua puppy who could have fit in the palm of your hand. The three of them playing together was so cute. I wish I had taken my camera. By the time we got back home, they were worn out as was I, so we just vegged in front of the tv.

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