Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Weather Station

We have a weather station in our backyard, which is fantastic.  No matter where I am, I can look online or on my phone and see what the weather is doing at my house.  Unfortunately, when I set the sprinklers on Sunday, I set it where the water hit the weather station underneath - which is not a good thing.  There was  a sensor right where the sprinkle hit and that sensor was not meant to get wet - at least not a direct hit for 15 minutes or more.  Getting this sensor wet knocked out our weather station for about 24 hours.  Thankfully hubby was able to get the sensor dried out and get us back online; otherwise, we would have needed to buy a new sensor and it is not a cheap piece.

We are now planning to buy another weather station and donate it to our City Hall.  Our town is so small it doesn't have a weather station and we have to rely on areas around us.  That is why we got one to begin with, but the weather is dramatically different in various areas of our community, so it would be nice to have one at City Hall.

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