Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Drought & Water Restrictions

Living in Texas, you expect the triple digit temperatures, and you even expect that there will be droughts and water restrictons.  What really irks me are those people who refuse to follow the watering restrictions.  In the area where I live, we are at Stage II which means we can only water outside using sprinklers on certains days of the week and only during certain hours (not during the heat of the day).  Since people are not following the restrictions and the water consumption is too high to sustain us through the drought, they are considering going to Stage III which could be no outside watering.  I see some of the people in my neighborhood who water every day and simply don't care. Their reasoning is that "they can afford the bill".  How can we get them to see that it is not about whether you can afford the bill?  I can afford my bill too, but I want to ensure that we have water to sustain us through the drought.  For those people who are only worried about their yard looking pretty, how do we get them to understand? 


  1. I know exactly what you mean! Up here near Dallas we are at the can water outside for a certain amount of time during certain times of day with a water hose - no sprinklers. I hate hate hate driving past five dry brown lawns and then seeing that one that is green as spring and they have sprinklers going in the middle of the day and they just don't care whatsoever about the drought. It makes me want to go dig holes in their yard or stomp out their flowers or something.

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