Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Riley

Yesterday was Riley's 2nd birthday. Instead of just celebrating her birthday, she had an extended birthday celebration that started on Sunday. On Sunday morning, we took all of the kids to PetsMart and Riley picked out a raw hide that she wanted. She got to eat that treat on Sunday. Then on Monday, we gave her a big meaty knuckle bone that we picked up for her. She loves bones and is the only one of our three that has the jaws to break them down. Then on Tuesday, I popped out and picked her up some cookies. Of course, all day on her actual birthday she got special treatment so she would know it was her special day. By 11:00 pm we had put the all in their kennels for the night and she was still laying there smiling. You could tell she had a good birthday.

And for all of you reading this shaking your heads thinking I am crazy. Yes, I celebrate each of my doggie's birthdays and have no intention of stopping.

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