Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday

Today is my parents 37th anniversary, so Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad. Today is also my birthday. Today I spent the day doing whatever I wanted. I woke up and went to the pond to feed the ducks. There is a white one and a black one, but only the white one has been coming out lately. I named the white one Joe (not sure if it is male or female, so hopefully I picked correctly). I couldn't get him to come out so I went back home. After hubby got out of bed we went back to the pond and Joe finally came out for his breakfast. He is gentle enough he even ate out of my hand. After that we went home and headed to Best Buy to see if we could find a few movies we liked. No luck there so we headed to PetsMart and got some goodies for the kids (we can always find something to buy there). After that we headed to Academy to get hubby some new flip flops and I even found a couple of pair of shoes too. One pair was too cheap to pass up ($4) and they are cute little flats that will be perfect for wearing at work with summer dresses or slacks. After that we headed to eat lunch at Pluckers. The food was okay but our waitress was a real snit. From there we headed to a different Best Buy (still determined to find a movie since I have $20 in reward bucks to use). Still no luck so on to Wal-Mart to get gas and then went in there to look at movies. We actually found some movies there and then headed home. Now we will relax a bit until time to grill the steaks for dinner.

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