Saturday, February 6, 2010

Red Robin

Today we went in to town in hopes to find me some Vibram Five Fingers shoes and to have some lunch. The shoes were a bust. The store only had one pair left and they weren't my size. We did a couple of other things and then headed to Red Robin for a juicy burger. As we were pulling in to the strip center, we noticed that their parking lot looked really empty. That isn't normal as they always seem to be busy unless you are the first customer there. As we pulled around front, we noticed there were absolutely no cars in the parking lot and there was a note on the door. The note said that due to their closing, the private party that had been booked there has moved to a new location. Our favorite burger place closed? Are you kidding me? Hubby and I just sat there saying "wow" to each other for a few minutes before it really sank in. Our Red Robin location actually closed it's doors. Boo hoo.

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